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How I Became An Affiliate Marketer and Online Influencer

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My Online Career Beginning.

Watch Me Make The Money!

For years, I believed there was a way to earn online.  As I researched, I ran into the survey and paid-to-do sites.  After joining a few sites, doing tasks, filling out surveys, I quickly realized this was not the way I would earn any substantial income online.

I Think I’ve Found the Secret Sauce… Michael Brown and Niche Blitzkrieg

I don’t quite remember exactly how and when I discovered Michael Brown, but something about what he was teaching through his course, “NicheBliztkrieg” intrigued me.  Michael taught how to make money building what he called “Niche” Websites.  Michael’s course took you step-by-step through the following process:

  • Finding a Niche
  • Buying a Domain
  • Setting-Up-Hosting
  • Creating Content
  • Monetizing the site

At the time, this seemed like something I could do.  My excitement grew.  I bought a domain.  Set-up hosting.  My first website was in the Djembe drums niche.

Unfortunately, not having a good concept of SEO or how to create relevant content, my efforts soon fell short.  In addition, I began to get sidetracked seeing other shiny objects that appeared to be easier and more lucrative.

Lost In The World of Traffic Exchanges

An acquaintance convinced me to get involved with an MLM/Network marketing opportunity called Blast Off.  While looking for ways to promote Blast Off online, I found an article about Traffic Exchanges.  Intrigued, I signed up to one, looking to promote my business opportunity.

A Traffic Exchange allows you to earn credits by viewing websites.  You, in turn, use those credits for views to your site.  The more sites you view, the greater number of credits you earn for views to your website.

Sounds great!  Well, it’s not that simple.  There are many pitfalls to using traffic exchanges.  However, that’s a topic we can discuss later. ?

Traffic exchanges are loaded with low-quality programs, some outright scams.  Yet, the attraction of fast money schemes and clicking for credits drew me into a revolving cycle of frustration.  However, I couldn’t stop… I was ADDICTED!  Yes!…ADDICTED!  This addiction lasted for years.

Today, I still use traffic exchanges but in a very different way.  No longer clicking my fingers off for pennies…LOL!

The 2012 YouTube Fluke: Along Comes the Squatty Potty

At the same time, I pursued an online business, I began to have challenges in my physical health.  To make a long story short, I prayed about and researched ways to improve my health through natural methods.   As I perused a popular natural health website, I came across an ad for the “Squatty Potty.”  That’s right,  The Squatty Potty! – a stool that puts you into the squatting position more suitable for efficient pooping…LOL!  Really…this isn’t a joke.  I decided to order a Squatty Potty.

When my Squatty Potty arrived, I asked my wife to take a video of me receiving our new Squatty Potty.  Having some knowledge of affiliate marketing, I also wrote a blog post about the Squatty Potty on my new blog site I’d created,, that documented my recent change to a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, I added an affiliate link to the YouTube video description on my new channel and also affiliate links in my blog post.

The Series of Events That Changed My Affiliate Marketing Career

Weeks later, I happened to check my email account associated with my YouTube account.   Usually empty, you can imagine my shock when I saw an inbox full of subscribers and comment notifications for the Squatty Potty video.  I hadn’t looked at the video for months.  So I pulled up the video on YouTube, checked the views…BAM!….16,000 views!  Certainly, I did not expect to see such a response.

Within the same time frame, I received an email from Robert Edwards, creator of the Squatty Potty.  The local Fox News TV affiliate in my area wanted to do a segment about the Squatty Potty on their morning show. Robert Edwards told me, “I’ve seen your video and read your blog. YOU”RE THE MAN FOR THE JOB.” He asked if I was willing to do the interview. I responded, “YES!”

A few weeks later, I received my first real commission check for a legitimate product…Yay!  The blog and the video continued to bring in sales!

At this point, my Squatty Potty YouTube video has nearly 600,000 views!

In addition, my YouTube channel currently has over 5,000 subscribers.

Frequently, I receive emails from companies asking me to do a review on their product or do a sponsorship.  I’m still learning what to do and what not to do.

*Update:  As of January 2022, I’ve shifted direction to concentrate on this website.

Finding Wealthy Affiliate 

I’d seen many ads for Wealthy Affiliate.  I assumed it was another scheme.  The name, “Wealthy Affiliate” sounded so cheesy to me…LOL!  However, one of the few internet marketers that I trusted strongly suggested joining Wealthy Affiliate.  He laid out his reasons why and they were all good.  It took several peeks at his pitch before I decided to join.

Now This Is Refreshing!

Instantly, I knew this was going to be a very different experience.  My sponsor connected with me immediately getting me started and comfortable with the platform.

In the beginning, it started out great!  I used the methods taught to improve my GoLivePure website and even built an additional affiliate site.  I still continued to access the Wealthy Affiliate training, tools and community which aided in the growth of my YouTube channel.

However, I began to take shortcuts, fall back on my learning and again started chasing the “new shiny objects” promising quick easy riches.

Lured by Cryptocurrency

One of the biggest distractions from my affiliate marketing career was CRYPTOCURRENCY.Bitcoin and Fiat Currency

I originally found Bitcoin in 2013,but soon forgot about it and moved on.  Four years later in 2017, I got back on board to find that the value of cryptocurrency had skyrocketed.  Feeling stupid and left-out, I FOMO’d back in (FOMO-Fear Of Missing Out).  Bad mistake!  The market crashed.   My investment value plummeted.  Though they had little value, I decided to hold on to them and continue investing.


However, later years my crypto investments boomed.  Boy!  I’m so glad I didn’t sell them.

Currently, I’m still an avid cryptocurrency investor.

What’s Happening Now!

Funny how my online career has come full circle.  Beginning with an interest in building niche sites, then returning.   Of course, other profitable ventures have manifested along the way and many lessons learned.

What I’ve learned to be a successful online affiliate marketer and influencer:

  1. Focus – You must zone in on one task at a time. Know your goal. Keep your eye on it and go hard for it.
  2. Consistency Allen Williams My Advice– Without this, you will not see any steady results or in some cases no results at all.  Make a plan to do tasks each day.  Create a schedule.  Follow that schedule.  Make changes when needed.  But most of all, do something every day toward your goal.
  3. Good Tools – Having the proper tools and knowing how to use them can make you or break you.  Knowing and having the best tools will expedite your workflow and increase your confidence.
  4. A Plan/ Think Big – A plan sets structure.  It’s the blueprint that you can look at that keeps your thoughts and actions on the set goals.   Also, think BIG! The bigger you think, the more success you will have.  If you shoot for the stars but end up on the moon, you’ve still gone farther than most.  SHOOT FOR THE STARS.
  5. Proper Knowledge and Training – Knowing and doing.  With appropriate understanding and training, when you take action, you have a greater chance of success.
  6. Find a Mentor/Mastermind Group – Oh this is so important.  You need feedback, support, and advice.  You need someone to bounce your ideas to.  You also need accountability.

Currently, I’m concentrating my efforts on further growth as an inspirational online influencer and affiliate marketer.  My hope is you will be inspired by my story. Maybe even, join me on this journey.

I truly hope you found something helpful here.

Leave questions and comments below.

Many blessings to you and may you see all your dreams come true,

Allen Williams

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