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What Is An Online Marketing Webinar at Wealthy Affiliate?

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In the past, I’ve participated in many online webinars.  However, there’s something that always happened at the end… A sales pitch!

Of course, I knew it was coming.   The large price tag for the system or product or training (that I couldn’t afford),  always left me feeling that I would never be able to make money online unless I possessed a large amount of money.

Yet, with some webinars, the price was reasonable.  However, once I purchased at the low price, then, SURPRISE, I’m hit with an UPSELL… then another UPSELL…..then another, until incrementally arriving at a large amount of money spent and not much to show for it.

Yes, there where webinars with great products, great info, and a great presenter.  But, they all had one thing in common…The Sales Pitch!

The fact is, online marketing webinars are meant for this specific purpose….to pitch a product or service.

But when was the last time you purchased anything from a webinar actually making any substantial amount of money using the system or product advertised.

Have you ever purchased a product pitched on a webinar?  Any success for with anything bought from a webinar?

If so, please comment below.  I really want to hear your story.

Can You Find Online Marketing Webinars With No Sales Pitch? 

  1. Would you like to see a unique approach to webinars?
  2.  Would you like access to hundreds of hours of replays of these unique webinars?
  3. May I show you how to get these pitch-free webinars along with marketing training, community, and tools to build a lucrative online business?

Are you interested?

If so, keep reading.

Webinars at Wealthy Affiliate Are…..

The weekly webinars at Wealthy Affiliate give you information and training.  That’s it!

Wealthy Affiliate calls them “Live Classes.”  Why?  Because the webinars at Wealthy Affiliate are meant for teaching and equipping without baiting you into additional purchases.

Webinars (Live Classes) at Wealthy Affiliate are conducted by Jay Neill of Magistudios.   Jay is an SEO expert, successful internet marketer, and entrepreneur.  Very accessible and very knowledgeable,  Jay, each week,  shares valuable information with members of Wealthy Affiliate with no selling of any products.

Examples of Past Webinars (Live Classes) at Wealthy Affiliate.What is an online marketing webinar at Wealthy Affiliate?

Hassle-Free Webinars with These Additional Benefits:

  1. 100s of hours of replays.
  2. PDF downloads of the entire LIve Class PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Live Chat during the webinar (Live Class).
  4. Question and Answers after each webinar (LIve Class).
  5. Direct access to the live training coach, Jay Neill.

Does this sound interesting yet?

How To Access the Wealthy Affiliate Webinars?

The webinars (Live Classes) are available only with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Oh oh!…. Did I just pull the webinar sales pitch on you?

NO.  Not at all.

I’m only explaining how to access webinars on what I consider the most advanced platform on the internet.

I’ve learned so much listening to Jay during these webinars (Live Classes).  He keeps you up to date on the ever-changing world of internet and affiliate marketing.

Live classes (webinars) are a small portion of Wealthy Affiliate’s many valuable assets.

Are you ready to get advice, training, and tools every week by a successful internet SEO expert, marketer, and entrepeneur.?



Blessings to you,

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